"A Night with the Deadliest Catch"

In 2005 the Deadliest Catch aired on the Discovery Channel.

3 Years later in 2008, after watching an episode with my wife, I said “Wouldn’t it be cool to drink beer and talk fishing with Captain's Andy and John Hillstrand of “Time Bandit”.

A year later, John and Andy were scheduled to appear at the Minneapolis boat show for a book signing. At the time, we were living downtown Minneapolis, MN so we decided to go.

This Would Be Me Fishing On a Crab Boat

I expected to get my book signed and say hello, but instead something else happened... Captain Andy asked us where he and John could go after the show for beers, then invited us to come along.

Later that night our phone rang. It was Andy inviting us to meet them for drinks. We ended up meeting them at a local bar just a couple blocks from our apartment.

We talked fishing, drank “duck farts” and crown royal until the bars closed. Captain Andy called Captain Phil Harris (RIP) and put me on the phone to say hello. All good fishermen like to drink beer and tell fish tales and we did a good job of it that night.

We still laugh and recall the events that took place that night. Most of all we still remember these parting words, “Shut up and fish, no whiners or cry babies”.

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