“Memorial” in Memorial Day-1918 Sunken USS Submarine Discovered off KW, Fl

World War II brought the German forces knocking on Key West, Florida‘s door. The United States Navy greeted them, not with island love, but instead with a strong fleet of naval warships.

On May 25th the FloridaKeysNews.com reported that a 1918 sunken USS Submarine was recently discovered by a marine salvage company in 600 ft of water just off Key West. Pictured below is the USS R-12.

World War II was well underway in 1943 when the USS R-12 departed Key West on June 12, 1943 with 48 sailors for torpedo training mission. Shortly after departure, the submarine mysteriously sank. 42 sailor’s lives were lost and 6 were rescued.

Let’s take the time on May 31st to observe the "Memorial" in Memorial Day. Many Americans get caught up in celebratory activities and forget the true meaning of this holiday. This Memorial Day, honor and remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, like the men who served on USS R-12.

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