Visiting Key Largo & Islamorada in the Florida Keys? Book an Ecotour with Us

Another January full moon as come and gone and we’re one day closer to the 2012 Doomsday party.  Like Jimmy Buffet says, “I don’t know where I am gonna go when the volcano blows!”

People often ask me what else there is to do in Key Largo and Islamorada aside from fishing. I suggest booking an affordable ecotour or sunset cruise with us.  There is no better way than to see the authentic nature of the Florida Keys than from our boat as we cruise through the mangrove fields in Florida Bay off Key Largo and Islamorada. It’s a great way to decompress after a long journey to the Keys.  You can relax with family and friends before starting your vacation. 

The Florida Keys has four major marine ecosystems: mangroves, coral reefs, delicate sea grass beds and sponge bed.  You will find photo opportunities everywhere you look.  These tours are unique and you never know what you may see.

If you are into bird watching, then the Florida Keys is the place, so don’t forget to bring along your binoculars.

During the ecotour there is a good chance you will spot a dolphin, sea turtle or a Florida Manatee along the way.

As most already know, the Florida Keysis famous for its sunsets. There are photo opportunities everywhere you look.

Don’t forget your boat drinks and boat music. We can play them for you on our surround sound marine stereo system.  We will even bring a couple fishing rods along if you wish to catch a few fish for dinner that night.

If you are planning on visiting Key Largo or Islamorada in the Florida Keys and are interested in learning more about our customized Florida Keys ecotours & sunset cruises please contact us today at 305-619-2126 or email us

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michelle said...

I am so there next time we get down there.
Have a great weekend!