April 29th Upper Keys Florida Keys Fishing Report from Captain Ryan

The reef fishing is heating up down here in the Florida Keys. Our Florida Keys delicious tasting Yellowtail Snappers are chewing along the reef. & we should see the Mutton Snappers start biting aggressively on the full moon in May.

This bite should continue on until early fall. Don’t forget grouper season opens on May 1st.  If you would like to do a Mutton Snapper/Grouper trip just give me a call at 305-619-2126.  

We have had some very good day’s offshore fishing for Mahi Mahi (dolphin) & Blackfin Tuna. 

 The weather has been a little bit unpredictable and so has the fishing. We are finding fish in 300-500 ft; if you find that “magic piece of debris” you might be in business.  

With the weather improving later this week we look for the Mahi Mahi bite to heat up. If hunting for a trophy fish, May, is a good month to hunt.

On a recent 6.5 hour Offshore/Reef fishing trip we hooked Bull Dolphin pushing 60 lbs on the troll. This fish was big. We fought the fish for over an hour when the hook pulled on our customer. Our angler was saddened by the loss, but I was not about to give her time to grieve. 5 minutes later we put her on a nice fish that she hooked and landed. We then headed back into the reef to catch a few nice jumbo Yellowtail Snappers on the reef at sunset.  

This was her first time ever fishing in the Atlantic Ocean and she will have a fish story that she will remember for a lifetime.

 The Islamorada humps have turned into a “parking lot war” of late with guys chasing 10-15 lb class Blackfin Tuna, bigger fish taking live bait. Between the boats live baiting, flying kites, trolling and speed jigging, it’s a mess out there especially on the weekends. It won’t be long until we see a reality show called “Wicked Florida Keys Hump Drama” debut on the National Geographic Channel.  The following is an excerpt from an article published in September 2007 in Saltwater Sportsman, titled “Hump Etiquette.

“When the humps are crowded, a little courtesy goes a long way. When approaching an area where many boats are fishing, try to determine which way they're trolling. If everyone trolls in the same direction, it makes life easier.

When approaching diving birds and busting fish, don't run right into the activity. Instead, circle wide, so your baits are pulled into the frenzy, but your boat doesn't put the fish down. And don't ever cut behind a boat that's actively fishing. Trolled baits are often fished very far back, and live-baiters often have a stream of baits well behind the boat as chum, hoping that the fish will rise.

Before fishing, it's a good idea to explore the underwater structure with your depthsounder to get a feel for the topography. By getting to know it a little better, and seeing where the various schools of fish are holding, you can hone your technique without charging around blindly, as too many skippers do.

- John Brownlee

The smaller schools of Mahi Mahi bring are bringing with it big Wahoo & the “Man in the Blue Coat”, the Blue Marlin.  In April 2011 we hooked up with our first big Marlin in 600 ft. he ate a school size dolphin we hooked on light tackle.  The fight was short lived, but the image of that amazing fish dancing on the water will be forever etched our mind. . Word of advice, leave “no tuna bird or scattered weed unturned”

The fishing only gets better from here on out. If you looking to book an affordable Florida Keys charter boat fishing trip, feel free to give me a call at 305-619-2126 or email ryan@floridakeysfishin.com

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