Florida Keys Fishing Report; May 24, 2012 Dolphin Fishing is Heating Up in the Florida Keys

Florida Keys Fishing Report; May 24, 2012 Dolphin Fishing is Heating Up in the Florida Keys

I was planning to work on my webpage (www.floridakeysfishin.com) last Saturday, but I awoke to “the voices” at 2:00 AM telling me to go fishing, so I got up and started rigged baits.  Most boats were running out 20 miles, but after looking at my log from last year, we decided to fish an area where we found dolphin (mahi-mahi) last year off Key Largo almost a year to date just off the reef.

As we cleared the creek, I happened to forget it was the Coconuts Dolphin Tournament.  The Atlantic Ocean looked like the Boats Direct USA sales center in Key Largo, Florida.

Shortly after we set the spread, a nice 23lb. bull dolphin (mahi-mahi) crashed the flat line. As we were fighting the fish the weather took a turn for the worse, however we managed to gaff the fish.  His colors set against the water spout filled black sky. We caught a couple smaller dolphin (mahi mahi) then called it quits for the day.  

On Monday the weather cleared up and conditions were right for a Florida Keys offshore dolphin (mahi-mahi) fishing trip. We decided to fish late in the afternoon into the early evening rather than go early. For “Good Karma” we went dolphin fishing with the attitude of taking one big fish for dinner, and then pull the lines and head for home.  

The fishing gods have liked this that attitude of late, because within less than 2 hours of lines in the water; the right rigger was crashed by a 28lb. bull dolphin (mahi-mahi) in the same area we caught the 23lb. bull dolphin (mahi-mahi) 2 days earlier.

So I kept my promise to the fishing gods & pulled the lines, headed back to port for an ice cold beer and fresh dolphin for dinner. As the sun was setting we snapped this shot of him.

We will be also adding 2 new dolphin fishing weapons to the spread this Saturday; they arrived in the mail yesterday, and let’s just say these “weapons” traveled along ways to get to the Florida Keys so I hope they cover their shipping costs.

 If you are looking to do some offshore dolphin fishing in the Florida Keys this summer give me call directly at 305-619-2126. We offer affordable offshore fishing charters for those looking to get out the water in the Florida Keys.

Have a good memorial day weekend and be safe. Until next week, get those "baits out and wait it out".

Capt. Ryan

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