A Day of Tropical Fruit Wine Tasting off the Florida Keys

Take a second…close your eyes, and imagine breathtaking views of tropical fruit and orchid fields stretching as far as the eye can see.  In the distance you spot a small sign that says “winery”. 

This is not an imaginary place.  It can be found between Miami and the Florida Keys. It’s called the Historic Redland Tropical Trail and is named after its’ fertile red clay.  The red clay in this sub tropical region of South Florida yields impressive tropical fruits, orchids, vegetables and even coffee beans.  On the way to Miami last Saturday, we visited the historic Schnebly Redland's Winery. Let’s just say we will be going back very soon!

Grand Tasting Room

The winery setting is amazing!  We loved the tasting bar and the architecture of building. Above the tasting bar are ceiling murals that were very cool to gaze at as I tasted the magnificent tropical fruit wines. My top picks are the Light Avocado, Lychee, and Carambola(starfruit). The winery courtyard is breathtaking.  It features natural coral waterfalls, lush palm trees, tiki huts and plenty of colorful fish one can feed.

Lychee Wine

Lychee Fruit

If you are planning a trip to Miami or the Florida Keys I recommend visiting the Schnebly Redlands Winery.  The light tropical fruit wine, Carambola pairs nicely with fresh fish or lobster just as well as a Pinot Grigo.

Have a Great Day!


To learn more about the Schnebly Redlands Winery click here.

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What a wonderful post, Ryan. I don't even drink wine but you make me want to!! (in a good way).

Have a fabulous weekend.