My Morning Bliss & Tropcial Reflecting

I took with me one ritual from the corporate world, my Friday morning “coffee bliss”. On Friday mornings, just prior to starting my work day, I sat in my cubical, sipped on my coffee and listened to music of Jimmy Buffet and the Dave Mathews.  All the while gazing at my favorite collection of cut out calendar pictures of beaches, boats, and big fish from the Florida Keys that I taped to my cubical walls.

Below are some pictures what my Friday "coffee bliss" now looks like here in the Florida Keys.

The Gulf of Mexico was "Grease Calm" this Friday morning.

New crop of coconuts, very cool watching these guys grow.

My Favorite Coconut Tree

A former crazy boss lady once asked me to remove the calendar pictures from my cubical walls.  In polite way I told her to go to hell. I remember listening to Donald Trump speak in Miami at a convention a couple years ago, he said "Don't get mad, just get even". That lady is probably still sitting at her desk staring at her empty cubical walls, by the way I still have those calendar pictures. Ahh bliss... 

Enjoy your day!


2 comments: said...

What a perfect way to spend a Friday!! Have a delightful weekend, Ryan.

Ryan said...

Thanks! You as well.