Captain Morgan is Missing-Please Help!

Greeting from the Florida Keys,

Our puppies were acting a little strange this morning, I think they must have suspected that my favorite statue was stolen!

Key West police have issued a “be on the lookout” for a missing five-foot statue of Captain Morgan, the symbol of the rum company of the same name. Normally, police issue BOLOs only when searching for a criminal suspect, and when they believe that suspect is in the immediate area.
The promotional sculpture was stolen from outside Walgreens on North Roosevelt Boulevard. Store manager Dwayne Laubenstein told police the statue, valued at about $500, was discovered missing from its post outside the store last week.

The Captain was last seen wearing a tricorner hat with his left leg resting on a rum barrel.
The Fantasy Fest parade Oct. 29 down Duval Street is sponsored by Captain Morgan Rum.
This is not the first theft of an iconic figure in the Florida Keys. A sculpture of a leering Mickey Ratz was lifted off the rooftop of a dockside bar at Holiday Isle Resort and Marina in Islamorada a few years ago.    

Be on the look out!



michelle said...

Oh no!!!! maybe he went to another party? All kidding aside, it is kind of sad that people do that. I hope they find him soon! said...

Goodness gracious - no! hope they find him!

CraveCute said...

So sorry about Cpt. Morgan, hopefully they find him soon. Wanted to thank you for following my little blog. I am in MN, so I will let you know what kind of weather you are missing here! I love Florida, we will be there sometime this winter. I will be so ready if we have another winter like last year!

I am following your blog so I virtually live in Florida. Love your site, will be checking out all areas and sharing with my twitter friends!